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BWJP develops and promotes innovations in policy and practice that improve the response to intimate partner violence (IPV) by the civil, criminal, and military justice systems.

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Join BWJP for the webinar "Impact of Language Access and the Requirements of Title VI on Law Enforcement" on September 29, 2017. This webinar will discuss the widespread problem of police failure to access qualified interpreters and the problems associated with using unqualified interpreters such as bilingual officers, children, community members, etc.

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What can BWJP do for you?

BWJP offers technical assistance, consultations, and training events for advocates and all professionals engaged in IPV cases. Our staff have particular expertise in building coordinated interagency responses that maximize victim safety and offender accountability.

Defending Victims Charged with Crimes

Our long-term partner – the National Clearinghouse for the Defense of Battered Women – provides technical assistance on the defense of battered women charged with crimes and incarcerated battered women.

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Explore articles, guides, and webinar recordings on key issues in the field: child custody, risk assessment, offender intervention, firearms prohibitions, veterans courts, protection orders, and much more.

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Take advantage of trainings and frequent webinars on emerging issues, new research findings, and promising practices in the field. OVW grantees, please register for your in-person trainings here.

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Learn about BWJP's specific services: consultations, community safety assessments, Civil Protection Order Assessments, policy analyses, and customized trainings. IPV victims can access legal information and referrals.

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