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The Battered Women's Justice Project, in partnership with the National Clearinghouse for the Defense of Battered Women, provides resources for advocates, battered women, legal and justice system personnel, policymakers, and others engaged in the justice system response to domestic violence.


Tahirih Justice Center Job Opening!

The Tahirih Justice Center is hiring a
Public Policy Attorney

The Public Policy Attorney will assist in the development of legislative and policy proposals emerging from Tahirih’s groundbreaking national campaigns, such as the Forced Marriage Initiative (FMI). The Public Policy Attorney serves as one of Tahirih’s spokespeople on policy issues to Tahirih supporters, advocates and colleague organizations, legislators and policymakers, and the media. The Public Policy Attorney also works closely with Tahirih’s communications staff to enhance public understanding and to ensure that stakeholders are informed and invested in advocacy to protect and empower immigrant women and girls.
See the full description here.

BWJP Position Available

The Battered Women's Justice Project is hiring a Training and Technical Assistance Director

The Training & Technical Assistance (TTA) Director leads Training & TA Program staff in the development and delivery of national and local trainings, as well as the development and execution of special projects related to justice system reform in cases of violence against women. The TTA Director reports to the Executive Director and serves on the BWJP Management Team, helping to define and implement strategies for organizational growth and effectiveness. The position is located in Minneapolis, MN, and is open in anticipation of the retirement of the current TTA Director, who will mentor the successful applicant over the next year. See the full description here.

Featured Webinar

Accessible Trauma Resolution – A Model with Evidence to Match

Nov. 19th, 2014
2pm CT

Teresa Descilo, MSW, MCT is the Founder and Executive Director of the Trauma Resolution Center, formerly known as Victim Services Center.

In most communities, effective trauma therapy is not accessible to many people as the mental health field is only now grasping the importance of resolving trauma. Trauma-specific services are still not widely available. FREE trauma resolution services are very scarce. Teresa will describe how the Trauma Resolution Center has developed affordable, culturally accessible services for domestic violence survivors, child immigrants, and other survivors of major traumatic incidents. Working within an interagency response, here is a step-by-step description of a model that other communities can adapt. Participants in this webinar can learn how to provide accessible evidence-based recovery for vulnerable community members who have not previously been well-served.

Register here.

NCAVP Releases Annual Report on LGBTQ Intimate Partner Violence; OutFront MN Responds

The National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs (NCAVP) released their annual report on LGBTQ intimate partner violence this week. The Battered Women’s Justice Project spoke with Eva Wood, Anti-Violence Program Community Access Specialist for OutFront MN about the significance of the report, and about what local domestic violence programs can learn from the report’s findings. Watch the video below:

Announcing a new Technical Assistance Guidance from the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence in partnership with FORGE:

Sheltering Transgender Women: Providing Welcoming Services by michael munson (September 2014)

This Technical Assistance Guidance highlights effective strategies for integrating trans women into shelter, building on the knowledge that most shelter staff and allied professionals have already developed practice, familiarity, and skill in providing shelter services to women.
Read more.

New Article

Intimate Partner Violence, Military Personnel, Veterans, and Their Families

This article was written by Glenna Tinney, the Senior Advisor for BWJP’s Military Advocacy Program, and Dr. April Gerlock, BWJP’s consultant for military and veteran-related topics. It was published in the Family Court Review in July 2014 (Tinney, G., & Gerlock, A. A. (2014, July). Intimate Partner Violence, Military Personnel, Veterans, and Their Families. Family Court Review, 52(3), 400-416. doi:10.1111/fcre.12100). This article addresses the intersection between intimate partner violence and combat-related conditions such as posttraumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury, substance abuse, and depression and the implications for family court personnel working with military and veteran families.

Handbook Available

The Battered Women’s Justice Project is pleased to announce the online publication, “Representing Victims of Intimate Partner Violence Connected with the Military – A Handbook for Civil Attorneys." 

image of Battered Women's Justice Project name in textpromotes change within the civil and criminal justice systems to enhance their effectiveness in providing safety, security, and justice for battered women and their families.  We offer training, technical assistance, and consultation on the most promising practices of the criminal and civil legal systems in addressing domestic violence.

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