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Military Response to Enforcing Military and Civilian Protection Orders

Published: March, 2017| NCPOFFC, Brian Clubb

Navigating the military response to domestic violence can be daunting when assisting military-related victims.  The area that may be the most complicated is protection orders: both those issued by… View this resource

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Caregivers, Military Veterans, and Intimate Partner Violence

Published: September, 2016| April Gerlock

This webinar examines the complex issues surrounding caregiver engagement and safety when caring for a combat-injured service member or veteran partner; when IPV is also present.   The issues addressed… View this resource

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Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) and the Veterans Health Administration (VHA)

Published: July, 2016| Elizabeth Brett, Kimberly Coleman Prier

In order to provide an integrated approach to addressing IPV among veterans, their partners, and VA employees, the VHA began implementation of the IPV Assistance Program in 2014. Currently piloted at… View this resource

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Female Veterans in the Criminal Justice System

Published: July, 2016| Andrea Finlay, Justice Eileen Moore, Matthew Stimmel

As criminal diversionary programs for justice-involved veterans continue to be implemented across our country, more attention is being directed towards female veterans in the criminal justice… View this resource

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Military Sexual Trauma: Survivors & VA Disability Benefits

Published: May, 2016| Ronald B. Abrams, Esq., Tiffany P. Kelley, Esq.

The Department of Defense estimates that the vast majority of military sexual assault cases go unreported. However, approximately 1 in 4 women and 1 in 100 men seen for Department of Veterans Affairs… View this resource

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Veterans Treatment Courts and Domestic Violence

Published: August, 2015| Hon. Michael Denton, Glenna Tinney, Brian Clubb

As Veterans Treatment Courts (VTCs) continue to increase in number throughout the country, many have shown themselves more willing than other types of treatment courts to accept veterans with domestic… View this resource

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Creating a Military-Civilian Coordinated Community Response

Published: June, 2015| Brian Clubb, Connie Sponsler-Garcia

When communities and the military do not work together on their response to intimate partner violence (IPV), gaps exist in the interagency response that victims may fall through and perpetrators can… View this resource

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Military Sexual Assault and Male Survivors

Published: March, 2015| Brian Lewis, Chris Skidmore, Ph.D.

In recent years, the issue of military sexual assault has been reported heavily in the press, documented in cinema, and gained the attention of Congress and the Executive Branch of our government. One… View this resource

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Military Divorce and Intimate Partner Violence

Published: January, 2015| Brent Tanner, JD

Whether you work in the legal field or assist victims of military-related IPV, this webinar will enhance your knowledge of legal issues involving divorce and military and veteran families and the… View this resource

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Moving Beyond the Wheel: Advocacy & Support for LGBTQ Survivors of Domestic Violence

Published: September, 2014| Kristin Tucker

This webinar focuses on strategies for support and advocacy when working with LGBTQ survivors, with a particular emphasis on the needs and experiences of LGBTQ service members and veterans. It centers… View this resource