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Community Safety Assessment Report

Executive Summary and Final Report of the Ohio Custody Audit

Published: January, 2011| Praxis International, BWJP

The Henry County, Ohio Child Custody and Domestic Violence Safety and Accountability Audit (“Ohio Audit”) examines how the local family court system takes domestic abuse into account in the resolution… View this resource

Policy Analysis

The Dangers of Presumptive Joint Physical Custody

Published: May, 2010| Gabrielle Davis, J.D., Kristine Lizdas, J.D., Sandra Tibbetts Murphy, J.D., Jenna Yauch

This article details the problems that arise for victims of domestic violence and their children from legal presumptions for joint physical custody, and strongly advocates against such legal… View this resource

Community Safety Assessment Report

Winona County, MN, Child Custody Safety and Accountability Audit Report

Published: October, 2009| Loretta Frederick, J.D., Valerie Williams

The Winona County Child Custody Safety and Accountability Audit explored the question: "How is the safety and well-being of victims of domestic violence and their children addressed and promoted in… View this resource

Promising Practices & Policies

Calculating Safety: Reckoning with Domestic Violence in the Context of Child Support Parenting Time Initiatives

Published: April, 2015| Nancy Ver Steegh, Gabrielle Davis

This article explores domestic violence-related implications of federal and state initiatives seeking to establish parenting time in connection with entry of child support orders. The authors… View this resource


National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges/Family Violence Department

Published: January, 2015| National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges

The Family Violence Department improves the way courts, law enforcement agencies, and others respond to family violence, while recognizing the legal, cultural, and psychological dynamics involved with… View this resource

Promising Practices & Policies

Domestic Violence and Child Custody: A 4-Part Model for Helping Judges Make More Informed Decisions

Published: June, 2013| Kristine Lizdas

Family court judges should consider the impact of violence on families when making decisions about child custody and visitation, according to Kristine Lizdas, a managing attorney at the Battered… View this resource

Research & Statistics

Parenting Interventions for Men Who Batter

Published: June, 2012| Katreena Scott, Fernando Mederos

This Applied Research paper provides an overview of the research on the commonalities and controversies surrounding parenting interventions programs for men who batter with an emphasis on improving… View this resource