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Responsible Attorneys: Seeking Justice for Battered Women in Protection Order Cases

Published: October, 2004| BWJP

This guide contains information for victims on working with an attorney in a protection order case. The guide sets forth expectations that victims can have of their attorneys, as well as safety and… View this resource

Tools & Guides

A Passport to Safety: A Judge's Bench Card

Published: May, 2011| NCJFCJ, NCPOFFC

This tool provides key information on full faith and credit and firearms to judges. Included are benchcards for both issuing and enforcing courts dealing with domestic violence protection orders. View this resource

Tools & Guides

Protection Orders and How They Apply Under Federal Prohibitor 922 (g)(8) to All Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Users: July 19, 2010 Letter from the FBI

Published: July, 2010| FBI

This letter from the FBI describes how the federal firearm prohibitor in 18 USC 922(g)(8) applies to protection orders. View this resource