This webinar is hosted by the Battered Women's Justice Project and is open to the public. 


Survivors of domestic violence are eligible to pursue tort claims against their abusers, which could result in life-changing compensatory and punitive awards. However, survivors often have very little information about this option and no legal representation for these cases. As a result, they do not pursue these claims, are saddled with the financial burden of the abuse and struggle to rebuild safe lives for themselves and their children. FreeFrom is on a mission to change this. We hold abusers financially accountable for the abuse they have perpetrated and help survivors obtain the relief they are entitled to. Our webinar will provide an overview of tort law, including case law interpreting torts in domestic violence cases, an outline of the relief available, an outline of the hurdles presented in these cases and the need for a domestic violence tort in every state, and more information on how we can help your clients. Join us!


Sonya Passi, Founder and CEO, Free From and Amira Samuel, Legal Director, Free From. Hosted by Anton Altman 

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