Phone System Update

BWJP has a new phone system which provides direct lines to all staff. If you know an old 3-digit extension number, just add a 1 in front of it to make their new 4-digit extension. You can also use the staff directory, reached by calling our toll-free or office lines at 800-903-0111 and 612-824-8768 respectively, as usual.

Training & Services

Since 1994, BWJP has been providing training and technical assistance that translates research findings into ideas for implementation, showcases the pioneering work of local jurisdictions, and facilitates the adoption of promising practices across the country.

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Phone (800) 903-0111 x 1. (TTY Callers: Use 711)


About BWJP

BWJP is the national resource center on civil and criminal justice responses to intimate partner violence.

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