Successful coordination of criminal justice responses to domestic violence doesn’t just happen. 

It takes a strong concerted effort to create the will to examine your own system, evaluate current problems, and establish new policies and procedures. One such effort is the St. Paul Blueprint for Safety, built on 30 years of experience and research on coordinated community responses (CCRs). In the simplest terms, the Blueprint is three things. First, it’s an approach: a shared, coherent way of thinking about domestic violence cases and what types of intervention are effective. It’s also a document outlining the comprehensive interagency policies and practices designed to guide that collective approach. Finally, once in place, the Blueprint institutionalizes a process of ongoing evaluation that results in continual adjustments to practice as needed to address gaps in response.

To download "Monitoring to Achieve Accountability: Revisiting the St. Paul Blueprint for Safety Seven Years Later," click here.