Providing training and technical assistance on military-related intimate partner violence and military sexual assault.

The Military & Veterans Advocacy Program, funded through a grant from the Department of Justice, Office of Violence Against Women, provides specialized training, technical assistance and resources to improve outcomes for military-related intimate partner violence and military sexual assault survivors and their families. Project activities focus on:

  • Answering inquiries regarding military-related intimate partner violence and connecting victims and survivors to available resources and assistance.
  • Enhancing the capacity of civilian and military advocates to provide appropriate support, interventions, and advocacy to military-related victims of intimate partner violence and sexual assault.
  • Improving collaboration between military and civilian systems that respond to these crimes.
  • Educating civilian and military systems about the intersection of combat-related conditions with intimate partner violence.
  • Fostering meaningful partnerships among government agencies and organizations that develop or administer public policy on issues that affect victims of military-related domestic and sexual violence.