The Military-Civilian Advocate Resource Network provides technical assistance, resources, and support to advocates who work with military and veteran-connected victims of intimate partner violence (IPV), sexual assault, and stalking.

This includes:
  • Information about the Department of Defense, Reserves, National Guard, and Department of Veterans Affairs systems and their response to IPV.
  • Pertinent articles and research on IPV and co-occurring conditions, such as combat-related post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Webinars and training addressing the unique issues and challenges working with military-related IPV and sexual assault victims and advocating within the military and veteran systems
  • Information on justice-involved veterans and Veterans Treatment Courts
  • Links to related websites and resources

The network's listserv provides email notifications on trainings (webinars, conferences, etc.), publications, news, and other items of interest and is used by members to network and share information and to request consultation with subject matter experts with specialized expertise working with military members, veterans, and their families. (Note: This listserv is separate from BWJP’s Military-Related Legal Technical Assistance Project listserv for attorneys and legal advocates.)

To join the listserv, please sign up above, to the right. You will receive an email that confirms your subscription immediately (check your spam). You will need to reply to that email to initiate your membership to the listserv.