The National Center on Protection Orders and Full Faith & Credit (NCPOFFC) staff are available on request to provide customized training!

NCPOFFC recognizes that many jurisdictions and disciplines have unique needs. Trainings can be on site or web based, specific to a particular region, statewide or national in scope, and can range in length from 1 hour to several days. These trainings can be tailored for law enforcement, advocates, judges, attorneys, prosecutors, probation and parole staff, court staff and other allied professionals.

NCPOFFC employs highly interactive techniques, grounded in adult learning principles. Techniques include:
  • Case files.
  • Scenarios.
  • Review of real Protection Orders.
  • Role Plays.

Customized Trainings

NCPOFFC staff creates customized training to meet your needs. Audiences are inclusive of but not limited to law enforcement officers, prosecutors, judges, court administrators and other court personnel, civil attorneys, victim advocates and other allied professionals.

Topic areas include:
  • Protection orders and protection order-related issues.
  • Interjurisdictional enforcement of protection orders.
  • Child custody provisions within protection orders.
  • Federal and state firearms prohibitions related to domestic violence.
  • Federal domestic violence and stalking crimes.

National Trainings

NCPOFFC conducts two national training events on protection order practice. The National Training Institute on Protection Order Practice for Attorneys and Advocates and the Protection Order Practice for Prosecutors and Law Enforcement provide comprehensive training on protection orders to allied professionals. Topic areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Victim centered advocacy.
  • Protection order enforcement.
  • Trial skills.
  • Firearm prohibitions in protection orders.

Whether a one-hour training or a more lengthy training is required, NCPOFFC staff is available to meet your needs.

Please contact NCPOFFC via email at, or call (800) 903-0111, prompt 2, to discuss customized training.