SAFeR promotes Intimate Partner Violence (IPV)-informed decision-making in family law matters.

SAFeR is an approach to decision making in IPV-related family law matters. It consists of four parts: (1) screening for IPV; (2) assessing the full nature and context of IPV; (3) focusing on the effects of IPV; and (4) responding to IPV in all recommendations, decisions, and interventions.

SAFeR staff provide training and technical assistance to courts, legal and dispute resolution professionals, advocates, and others on using SAFeR in their work.

2020 Grant Report

In our grant report, we emphasize the importance of BWJP's SAFeR approach to our current moment. As we face increasing incidence of domestic violence, an uprising against police brutality, and widespread distrust of the legal systems that we've conventionally used to respond to domestic violence, our SAFeR approach can lead to better outcomes in child custody cases involving domestic violence.

Download and read the full grant report.