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Promising Practices & Policies

Technology and Data Sharing Enhance CCR

Published: December, 2010| Julie Christianson, Edited by Stephanie Avalon

Law enforcement reports and corresponding court data have been collected and entered into the Domestic Abuse Information Network (DAIN) database. Coordinated Community Response (CCR) Project staff… View this resource

Promising Practices & Policies

Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs Produce Training Materials

Published: June, 2010| Dawn Larsen, Edited by Stephanie Avalon

(/assets/documents/pdfs/stalking_sexual_assault_manual_law_enforcement_agencies.pdf) One of the goals of the response team was to adapt and/or develop screening tools to assess for sexual assault and… View this resource

Promising Practices & Policies

Model Policy for Responding to Missing Persons Investigations

Published: May, 2010| Joanna Arlow, Edited by Stephanie Avalon

Advocates in Washington state told us that “police often contact our shelters and programs and want to know if a survivor who has been reported missing is using our services. Clearly, they are not… View this resource

Promising Practices & Policies

Skagit County Model Stalking Protocol

Published: April, 2010| Ken Bergsma, Edited by Stephanie Avalon

In addition to the increased risk, it was clear that these elements of domestic violence were often not addressed comprehensively by advocates, identified by law enforcement, or charged regularly as… View this resource

Amicus Brief

Amicus Brief for Domestic Violence Legal Empowerment and Appeals Project: Robertson v. Watson

Published: March, 2010| Sandra Tibbetts Murphy

In this case, the petitioner obtained a civil protection order, which the defendant later violated. Petitioner sought to enforce the civil protection order by filing a private action for contempt when… View this resource

Promising Practices & Policies

Misdemeanor Investigation Pilot Project Reflects Successful Collaboration

Published: February, 2010| Kris Arneson, Edited by Stephanie Avalon

A comparison chart (below) of the case resolution data for the comparison year and data obtained through the end of the 2nd Quarter of the Pilot show a 23% increase in the overall conviction rate for… View this resource

Promising Practices & Policies

Maryland’s Lethality Assessment Program: From Research into Practice

Published: December, 2009| Dave Sargent, Edited by Stephanie Avalon

The murder of battered women is inherently difficult to predict, since homicide is thankfully rare. Fewer than 1% of battered women are killed. Jackie Campbell’s research examined characteristics both of women who were killed, and also women who would have died but for extreme good fortune or immediate medical care which saved their lives. View this resource

Promising Practices & Policies

Kentucky VINE Services Puts Public Safety First

Published: July, 2009| Jenifer Gamble, Edited by Stephanie Avalon

Kentucky VINE Historical Perspective On the evening of December 6, 1993, Mary Byron sat in her car in the parking lot of a Louisville Mall. It was her 21st birthday and Mary was leaving her job at the… View this resource

Amicus Brief

Giles v. California Amicus Curiae

Published: March, 2008| Sandra Tibbetts Murphy, Kristine Lizdas

In this criminal case, Defendant had killed his girlfriend but claimed it was self-defense and, in his trial, sought to exclude statement the girlfriend had made to law enforcement who responded to an… View this resource

Promising Practices & Policies

Community Policing and Domestic Violence: Five Promising Practices

Published: October, 2004| Jane Sadusky

In 1999, the Battered Women's Justice Project began working with four communities to examine how domestic violence intervention could move beyond the limits of the criminal justice system and develop… View this resource

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