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Custody Issues and Military Families

Published: July, 2011| Dean Christine Church

Military families are very mobile, which presents special issues for military parents seeking to initiate, enforce, or change a custody order. This webinar provides basic information for advocates who… View this resource

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Civil Law Issues and Intimate Partner Violence: What Happens to Military Family Members

Published: June, 2011| Dean Christine Church

This webinar focuses on economic security for military family members who are considering separation or divorce. Advocates will learn about military benefits such as medical care, financial support… View this resource

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The National Guard and Reserves and Intimate Partner Violence

Published: May, 2011| David W. Lloyd, Alex Baird, Jane Lux

This webinar provides an overview of the mission and infrastructure of the National Guard and Reserves and clarifies how they relate to the Department of Defense (DoD). It includes substantive… View this resource

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The Department of Veterans Affairs and Intimate Partner Violence: An Overview of Mental Health Services and Resources

Published: May, 2011| Dr. Susan McCutcheon, Dr. Katherine M. Iverson, Dr. Roger Casey

This webinar provides substantive information about mental health services and programs relevant to Veterans who are survivors and perpetrators of IPV. The presentation highlights evidence-based… View this resource

Policy Analysis

Policy Brief: Safety on the Homefront: Adequately Addressing Violence in Families Impacted by Military Service

Published: May, 2011| Glenna Tinney, Kathleen West

This policy brief, published by USC Center for Innovation and Research on Veterans & Military Families (CIR) examines returning servicemembers and the justice system, the intersection of mental… View this resource

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Military and Civilian Protection Orders: What You Need to Know

Published: March, 2011| CPT Matthew W. Kuskie, Sarah Henry, Monica Player

This webinar covers information on protection orders, both civilian and military, and their enforcement across jurisdictional lines. Substantive information regarding enforcement of protection orders… View this resource

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What You Always Wanted to Know About Military Justice, Intimate Partner Violence, and Sexual Assault But Didn't Know Who to Ask!

Published: February, 2011| Major Breven Parsons, U.S. Marine Corps

This webinar provides an overview of the military justice system with an emphasis on intimate partner violence and sexual assault. It includes an overview of the Department of Defense (DoD) Victim… View this resource

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What I Need to Know About Intimate Partner Violence and Military-Related Issues Even if I Don’t Live Near a Military Installation

Published: November, 2010| April Gerlock, Ph.D., ARNP, Glenna Tinney

This webinar addresses the co-occurrence of intimate partner violence and PTSD related to military and veteran offender’s combat experiences, the unique and complicated dynamics in these cases, risk… View this resource

Policy Analysis

Veterans in the Justice System: Treatment of Violent Offenders

Published: August, 2010| Amy Fairweather, Guy Gambill, Glenna Tinney

This opinion piece discusses the concerns and challenges of accepting domestic violence offenders into Veterans Treatment Courts. View this resource

Tools & Guides

Collaborating for Safety: Coordinating the Military and Civilian Response to Domestic Violence: Elements and Tools

Published: January, 2010| Jane M. Sadusky

Provides an overview of the processes used in the implementation of the OVW-funded Military-Civilian Coordinated Community Response Demonstration Project. The goal of this project was to create… View this resource

Research & Statistics

Documentation of Screening for Perpetration of Intimate Partner Violence in Male Veterans with PTSD (Abstract)

Published: November, 2011| April Gerlock, Jackie L. Grimesey, Alisa K. Pisciotta

This article, published in the American Journal of Nursing, reports on a two-phase study of male veterans. In phase one, the primary objective was to determine how many veterans' records showed… View this resource

News Article

Pentagon Channel: Domestic Violence Awareness Month Program

Published: October, 2011| Glenna Tinney, Kenya Fairley, Brian Namey

This video on the Pentagon Channel shows speakers discussing the issue of domestic violence in the military during Domestic Violence Awareness Month. View this resource

Laws & Regulations

Domestic Abuse Involving Department of Defense Military and Certain Affiliated Personnel

Published: September, 2011| Department of Defense

This is a Department of Defense (DoD) directive on Domestic Abuse. View this resource

Research & Statistics

More Than Military Sexual Trauma: Interpersonal Violence, PTSD, and Mental Health in Women Veterans

Published: July, 2011| Ursula A. Kelly, Kelly Skelton, Meghna Patel

This journal article, published by Research in Nursing & Health, discusses a study that examined the relationships between lifetime trauma (physical, sexual, and psychological) and posttraumatic… View this resource

Research & Statistics

El Paso County, Colorado: Initial Analysis of 1,000 Veteran Arrests August-November 2010.

Published: July, 2011| Equal Justice Foundation

This report provides an analysis of veteran arrest data from the El Paso County (CO) jail from August to November 2010. View this resource

Laws & Regulations

The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act: Protecting Victims of DV in Protection Order Cases Involving the Military

Published: December, 2010| Christine Zellar Church

This article, published by the Thomas M. Cooley Journal of Practical and Clinical Law, explores the intersection of the SCRA and protection order cases filed under state statutes -- specifically… View this resource

Policy Analysis

Veterans' Courts and Criminal Responsibility: A Problem Solving History & Approach to the Liminality of Combat Trauma

Published: November, 2010| Justin G. Holbrook

This legal research paper explores the history of combat-related trauma as a medical and psychological condition requiring specialized diagnosis, reviews combat-related trauma within the social… View this resource

News Article

Special Report: For U.S. Veterans, the War after the Wars

Published: November, 2010| Nick Carey

This news article examines multiple issues surrounding veterans returning home from years of war, to include intimate partner violence, post-traumatic stress disorder, the VA, and… View this resource

Research & Statistics Policy Analysis

Development of Veterans Treatment Courts: Local and Legislative Initiatives

Published: October, 2010| Sean Clark, James McGuire, Jessica Blues-Howell

This article published in the "Drug Court Review" examines how Veterans Treatment Courts have developed out of and been informed by existing treatment court theory and practice, and identifies the… View this resource

Research & Statistics

Criminal Justice Involvement of Armed Forces Veterans in Two Systems of Care

Published: August, 2010| John A. Pandiani, Walter R. Ochs, Andrew S. Pomerantz

Few studies have compared the outcomes of services provided to veterans by Veterans Health Administration (VHA) programs with the outcomes of services provided by other community-based programs. The… View this resource