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Practice Guides for Family Court Decision-Making in Domestic Abuse-Related Child Custody Matters

Published: June, 2014| Loretta Frederick, Gabrielle Davis

These practice guides are designed to improve decision-making by family court professionals involved in domestic abuse-related child custody matters. They provide guidance on how to identify… View this resource

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Representing Victims of Intimate Partner Violence Connected with the Military – A Handbook for Civil Attorneys

Published: June, 2014| Ellen Schell

This handbook provides legal and military policy information needed by civil attorneys representing survivors and victims of intimate partner violence who are connected with the military. View this resource

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Justice-Involved Military Personnel and Veterans

Published: July, 2013| Glenna Tinney, Russell Strand

This appendix to Praxis International's Blueprint for Safety covers post traumatic stress disorder and intimate partner violence; screening, assessment, and intervention; military and veteran culture;… View this resource

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Advocating for Battered Mothers: The Least You Need to Know

Published: February, 2013| Stephanie Avalon

The Battered Women’s Justice Project is deeply committed to reform in the arena of custody litigation. Much of this effort involves analysis of structure and training of practitioners. It’s clearly a… View this resource

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Engaging in a Best Practice Assessment of the Civil Protection Order System

Published: January, 2013| NCPOFFC

This tool provides jurisdictions with an easy-to-use method for assessing their civil protection order system. The tool utilizes best practices to aid in determining the effectiveness of the… View this resource

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Mind the Gap: Accounting for Domestic Abuse in Child Custody Evaluations

Published: June, 2012| Ellen Pence, Gabrielle Davis, Denise Gamache, Cheryl Beardslee

This report was part of a national child custody project funded by the Office of Violence Against Women of the U.S. Department of Justice designed to help family court systems better identify… View this resource

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Islamic Marriage Contracts: A Resource Guide For Legal Professionals, Advocates, Imams & Communities

Published: March, 2012| Maha Alkhateeb

This guide was developed as a resource for legal professionals and advocates working with Muslims, and for Muslim leaders and community members. It is meant to provide and clarify information about… View this resource

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eLearning Course - Safety At Home: Intimate Partner Violence, Military Personnel, and Veterans

Published: January, 2012| BWJP

The eLearning course is designed for advocates (military and civilian) who provide services to military-related families experiencing intimate partner violence. The course will also be helpful for… View this resource

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Parent Coordination Services: A Guide for Policy Makers

Published: December, 2011| Barbara Hart, Esq.

This guide is designed to assist policymakers, courts and attorneys in deliberations and decision-making on enabling legislation, licensing standards, rules of court, appointment letters or contracts… View this resource

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Advice from Battered Mothers to Legal and System Professionals

Published: September, 2011| Stephanie Avalon, Loretta Frederick

In Minnesota there is a support group of battered mothers who have experienced protracted custody litigation involving their abusers. We asked these mothers what advice they would give family court… View this resource

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Handbook for Legislation on Violence against Women

Published: January, 2010| United Nations

This Handbook for Legislation on Violence against Women, prepared by the Department of Economic and Social Affairs/Division for the Advancement of Women (DESA/DAW), is intended to assist States and… View this resource

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Meeting the Legal Needs of Human Trafficking Victims: An Introduction for Domestic Violence Attorneys and Advocates

Published: January, 2009| Jean Bruggeman, Elizabeth Keyes

This publication was developed pursuant to a generous grant from the ABA Enterprise Fund, as part of a collaborative effort by several ABA entities aiming to provide attorneys with leadership and… View this resource

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An Approach to Legal Advocacy for Individual Battered Women

Published: June, 1997| Jill Davies

This chapter was developed for non-lawyer advocates working with individual battered women. Effective legal advocacy requires a thorough understanding of the law, the courts, and domestic violence. View this resource

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Violence Against Women: A Curriculum for Empowerment, Facilitator's Manual

Published: January, 1985| Susan Schechter, Sharon Szymanski, Michele Cahill

A manual for facilitators of battered women's groups. The curriculum and workshops were the attempt of the authors to "institutionalize consciousness raising within shelters" and it "offers tools to… View this resource