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Statute Guides & Matrices

Primary Aggressor Chart

Published: June, 2012| Dennyna Huynh

This is a 2012 compilation of all state statutes that use “primary” or “predominant” or “principle” aggressor language. Only the portion of the statute that applies to primary aggressor or mutual or… View this resource

Statute Guides & Matrices

Parental Kidnapping Statutes: Highlight

Published: September, 2011| BWJP, National Clearinghouse for Defense of Battered Women

This chart is designed as a reference guide to each state's parental kidnapping statute or statutes, with particular emphasis on whether these statutes contain language potentially relevant to… View this resource

Statute Guides & Matrices

VAWA Prohibition of Fees for Service of Protection Orders

Published: July, 2011| NCPOFFC

This guide provides information on the "no fees" mandate for service of protection orders and related documents in VAWA. The article provides information to courts and law enforcement on fees for… View this resource

Statute Guides & Matrices

State Custody Statutes Charts Updated 2008

Published: January, 2008| BWJP

These charts provide a synopsis of each state's custody statutes. View this resource

Statute Guides & Matrices

Model Tribal Domestic Violence Full Faith and Credit Ordinance

Published: October, 2006| NCPOFFC

This model statute provides tribal communities with an example of a full faith and credit ordinance allowing for inter jurisdiction enforcement of protection orders. View this resource

Statute Guides & Matrices

Enhanced Penalties for Domestic Violence: State Statute Chart

Published: March, 2005| Eve Zamora

The following is an alphabetical listing of all states that have enacted statutes enhancing penalties for domestic violence crimes. The term "enhanced penalties" as used in this document encompasses… View this resource

Statute Guides & Matrices

ABA Statutory Summary Charts

Published: January, 2015| American Bar Association

These charts summarize statutes from all 50 states regarding domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, dating violence and trafficking. View this resource

Statute Guides & Matrices

State Child Custody Laws Related to Mobilization / Deployment of SM Parents

Published: March, 2013| George D. McHugh, Christine Church

This spreadsheet provides a breakdown of state child custody statutes and their applicability to military servicemembers mobilizing or deploying. View this resource