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Promising Practices & Policies

Probation Group Reporting: Innovative and Effective Supervision in Domestic Violence Cases

Published: April, 2014| James E. Henderson Jr., MSW, Jane Sadusky

The probation group reporting approach provides an effective solution to balancing accountability and demand in domestic violence cases. Created out of the need for expanded domestic violence case… View this resource

Promising Practices & Policies

Shifting the Paradigm for Investigating Trauma Victimization

Published: March, 2014| BWJP, Russell Strand, Edited by Stephanie Avalon

What is the FETI? The Forensic Experiential Interview Technique, an innovative new practice that helps to elicit high quality information from victims or witnesses of crime, is being pioneered by… View this resource

Promising Practices & Policies

Stearns County Felony Domestic Violence Court: Increasing Victim Safety and Batterer Accountability through a Targeted Response to Dangerous Cases

Published: February, 2014| Janelle Kendall, Edited by Stephanie Avalon

Trying to address the overcrowding of the jail, Stearns County Attorney Janelle Kendall learned that 30 to 40 people were responsible for committing about 100 felonies a year. These repeat offenders… View this resource

Promising Practices & Policies

GPS Monitoring for Violators of Protection Orders

Published: July, 2013| NCPOFFC

This promising practice provides information on the GPS monitoring of domestic violence abusers. The use of technology is a new practice to enhance victim safety and offender accountability. View this resource

Webinar Recording

Islamic Marriage Contracts & Divorces: Implications for Legal Advocacy

Published: June, 2013| Abed Awad, J.D., Chic Dabby

Advocates and attorneys working with Muslim battered women are often faced with complicated legal issues surrounding civil and religious marriages and civil and religious divorces. Because abusers… View this resource

Promising Practices & Policies

The Hope Card Project: Addressing Protection Order Enforcement Issues

Published: May, 2013| NCPOFFC, Monica N. Player

This promising practice examines the Hope Card Project's “Hope Card,” a card that allows survivors to display essential protection order data in a concise and easy-to-read card format. View this resource

Promising Practices & Policies

Denver’s Triage Project Demonstrates Value of Advocate-Initiated Response

Published: March, 2013| Margaret Abrams, Edited by Stephanie Avalon

Outreach by community-based advocates who initiate contact ensures that DV victims receive valuable information regarding protection orders, safety planning, counseling and linkage with other… View this resource

Promising Practices & Policies

Rose Brooks Center: Sheltering Victims of Domestic Violence and Their Companion Animals

Published: February, 2013| NCPOFFC, Monica N. Player

This promising practice explores Rose Brooks Center’s efforts to shelter survivors and their companion pets together to reduce animal abuse. View this resource

Tools & Guides

Advocating for Battered Mothers: The Least You Need to Know

Published: February, 2013| Stephanie Avalon

The Battered Women’s Justice Project is deeply committed to reform in the arena of custody litigation. Much of this effort involves analysis of structure and training of practitioners. It’s clearly a… View this resource

Promising Practices & Policies

Creating Linkages that Improve Victim Safety and Offender Accountability

Published: September, 2012| Dusty Olson, Edited by Stephanie Avalon

With the award of a Community Defined Solutions grant in 2009, the Seattle Human Services Department’s Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention Unit ( DVSAP ) developed a project addressing a… View this resource

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