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Surrender, Storage, and Return of Firearms in CPO Cases: The Wisconsin Project

Published: March, 2015| Danielle Long, Dave Keck, Amber Person, Rochelle Skorlinski

Wisconsin recently enacted legislation intended to ensure that respondents subject to protection orders comply with the firearm surrender requirements. Under Wisconsin law, respondents subject to a… View this resource

Promising Practices & Policies

El Paso, Texas: A Coordinated Effort to Remove Firearms from Domestic Abusers

Published: December, 2014| NCPOFFC

This promising practice explores El Paso's court system's adoption of protocols to aid in the removal of firearms from dangerous abusers. View this resource

Promising Practices & Policies

Forms Inform Courts on Firearms

Published: November, 2014| NCPOFFC

This promising practice focuses on Pueblo, Colorado Courts' adoption of forms to enhance victim safety and offender accountability by providing judges with more information. This article focuses on… View this resource

Policy Analysis

Henderson v. U.S. (13-1487)

Published: October, 2014| Sandra Tibbetts Murphy

Poised to address another of the many legal tensions that arise in the context of firearm prohibitions and individual property rights, the U.S. Supreme Court granted certiorari in the case of… View this resource

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Firearms in the Context of Severe and Fatal Domestic Violence

Published: March, 2014| Daniel W. Webster, ScD, MPH, Shannon Frattaroli, PhD, Eugenio Carral, J.D.

The faculty discuss research on firearms in the context of severe and fatal domestic violence. They address the risks posed by firearms of both homicide and suicide, health impacts of gun injuries, as… View this resource

Statute Guides & Matrices

18 USC § 922 d(8), d(9), g(8), g(9)

Published: January, 2014| NCPOFFC

These statutes are the domestic violence related firearm prohibitions from the federal Gun Control Act, 18 USC 922 (d)(8), (d)(9), (g)(8), (g)(9). To receive an electronic or hard copy, please contact… View this resource

Statute Guides & Matrices

Federal Firearm Prohibitions: 18 USC 922 (d), (g), (n) and 921 (a)(32), (33)

Published: January, 2014| NCPOFFC

These statutes are the portions of the federal Gun Control Act that relate to domestic violence and firearms, misdemeanor crimes of domestic violence (MCDV), people under indictment, the official use… View this resource

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Firearms Surrender/Retrieval and Protection Orders: Research and Practice in North Carolina

Published: July, 2013| Beth Moracco, Ph.D., M.P.H.

Dr. Moracco review the findings and recommendations of Preventing Firearms Violence Among Victims of Intimate Partner Violence: An Evaluation of a New North Carolina Law. Judges in North Carolina… View this resource

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Recent Trends in Firearm Legislation and Case Law

Published: June, 2013| NCPOFFC, Jonathan Lowy

This webinar provides an overview of legislative changes and recent firearms case law including discussion of state specific implications and potential changes to the federal law. View this resource

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Domestic Violence, Firearms, and the Military

Published: April, 2013| Sarah Henry

Discussion in this webinar includes triggering the federal firearms law, nuances of prohibitions, possible implications for service members, as well as similar state firearm prohibitions. Whether you… View this resource

Research & Statistics

State Progress in Record Reporting for Firearm-Related Background Checks: Protection Order Submissions

Published: April, 2016| Anne Gallegos, Becki Goggins

SEARCH and the National Center for State Courts (NCSC) collaborated on a research bulletin that examines the progress states have made to report protection orders for firearm-related background… View this resource

Tools & Guides

Saving Women's Lives: Ending Firearms Violence Against Intimate Partners

Published: June, 2014| Americans For Responsible Solutions

Americans for Responsible Solutions (ARS), the gun violence prevention organization founded by former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and her husband, retired combat veteran and NASA astronaut… View this resource

Tools & Guides

A Passport to Safety: A Judge's Bench Card

Published: May, 2011| NCJFCJ, NCPOFFC

This tool provides key information on full faith and credit and firearms to judges. Included are benchcards for both issuing and enforcing courts dealing with domestic violence protection orders. View this resource

Tools & Guides

Protection Orders and How They Apply Under Federal Prohibitor 922 (g)(8) to All Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Users: July 19, 2010 Letter from the FBI

Published: July, 2010| FBI

This letter from the FBI describes how the federal firearm prohibitor in 18 USC 922(g)(8) applies to protection orders. View this resource