Published: October, 2012| Chic Dabby

Batterer-generated and systems-generated harms converge in custody determinations. The situation for Asian and other immigrant and refugee abused mothers are compounded by anti-immigrant policies and hostilities, by the limited English proficiency of mothers, by acculturated abusers resorting to increasingly sophisticated tactics of victim-blaming, and by mediation systems that privilege fathers. This webinar addresses the following considerations affecting Asian and other immigrants, and the implications for mediators and evaluators: 1) Different dynamics of domestic violence, including coercive control related to immigration status; 2) Trends such as transnational abandonment and forced divorce affecting outcomes; 3) Barriers faced by immigrant/refugee abused mothers and how they can be compounded by the paucity of culturally relevant assessment and mediation; 4) Gender bias in mediation and approaches to mitigate it.