Published: April, 2014| Heather Storer, Kelly Starr, Taryn Lindhorst, Jenny Aszman

The faculty discuss research on Domestic Violence Fatality Review (DVFR) team initiatives. DVFR teams are a means of identifying systemic gaps in the response to domestic violence and in clarifying opportunity points for prevention of femicide by legal and health systems, as well as community members and family/friends/co-workers. Little is known about whether DVFRs facilitate change in community-level response to domestic violence. The research undertaken by the faculty evaluated whether the recommendations made by one state-level DVFR had an effect on community and organizational priorities and practices and whether these were implemented by the various institutions involved in coordinated DV response at the county level. The faculty also describe other models of DVFRs and the potential various DVFR approaches have for systemic reform.