Published: December, 2012| Nick Todd, Gillian Weaver-Dunlop

The response-based approach for working with victims and perpetrators of abuse was developed by Dr. Allan Wade, Dr. Linda Coates, and Nick Todd (R. Psych). Nick Todd and Gillian Weaver-Dunlop have been using the response-based approach for many years in their therapeutic work. This webinar focuses on working with victims. Nick and Gillian discuss how therapists using this approach a) honour a woman’s resistance to violence and abuse, and b) contest the blaming and pathologizing of victims. Using case examples, Nick and Gillian explore the five basic assumptions that underpin the response based approach. These assumptions include: 1) Whenever people are badly treated, they resist; 2) People tend not to notice that victims resist abuse; 3) Perpetrators know that victims will resist, so they make plans to try to stop the victim’s resistance; 4) abusive and violent behaviour is deliberate, conscious and planned, and 5) when it comes to domestic violence, appearances are deceiving.