Published: March, 2015| Brian Lewis, Chris Skidmore, Ph.D.

In recent years, the issue of military sexual assault has been reported heavily in the press, documented in cinema, and gained the attention of Congress and the Executive Branch of our government. One aspect of military sexual assault that has become increasingly clear is that men are also victims. Though the incident rate for military women is higher, 85% of the active duty force are men; so, the actual numbers of male military sexual assault survivors are higher.  Military culture, response, and retaliation can make male victims less likely to report their assaults, and male survivors face unique issues in their recovery.

This webinar will: define military sexual assault (MSA) and military sexual trauma (MST); discuss the scope of the problem within the U.S. Armed Forces and issues faced by male survivors; describe the Department of Defense’s and Department of Veterans Affairs’ response; discuss important aspects of the recovery process for male veterans; and, discuss health care services available in the Veterans Health Administration (VHA).