Published: January, 2013| Jill Abernathey, Sara Lee, Frances Macaulay

Advocates and service providers both in Duluth and nationally identified a lack of advocacy for women in the months and years following separation from their abusive partner. In Duluth, experience through years of intensive advocacy with women who have been battered, their children, and men who batter is that the violence, power and control does not end when the relationship ends, instead, it simply changes forms. If children are in the picture, men who batter use their children as the vehicles for their continued abuse, harassment and intimidation. Developed in response to this need for intensive advocacy and support for mothers who have been battered and their children, Strong Moms, Safe Kids was developed. Strong Moms/Safe Kids melds expertise of experienced advocates for women and children, promoting healing and long-term safety for mothers and their children. This webinar explores the unique collaboration between a Child Advocacy Center (First Witness) and a domestic violence program (DAIP), and Strong Moms/Safe Kids facilitators discuss what they have learned from facilitating this unique group.