Published: March, 2012| Larry Bennett, Ph.D., Leslie Landis, J.D.

The empirical facts are hard to dispute: About half of the men and women seen in agencies and institutions serving perpetrators and victims of intimate partner violence (IPV) have substance use disorders (SUD). While some IPV advocates still see this issue as distracting attention from gender-based and socially-sanctioned violence against women, others are increasingly willing to adopt trauma-focused and trauma-informed practices, including attention to SUD-related behavior. In this webinar, Leslie Landis, J.D. and Larry Bennett, Ph.D. discuss the role of courts, community based agencies, and court-agency collaborations in co-occurring SUD and IPV. Special attention will be focused on the way DV courts identify and manage co-occurring SUD, the way SUD agencies screen and intervene in IPV, and the way IPV agencies screen and intervene in SUD.

Materials are available for download: PowerPoint Presentation