Published: April, 2012| Edward W. Gondolf, Scott Miller

Batterer programs are at a critical juncture: A handful of experimental program evaluations show little or no effect from the prevailing program approach and have prompted calls to overhaul or replace such programs. Dr. Gondolf offers a critical assessment of the research related to batterer programs with recommendations for heightened engagement of men, on-going risk management, and better coordination of courts and services. Scott Miller challenges BIPs to examine the philosophical underpinnings of their endeavors and to reflect on their relationships to battered women and the movement, suggesting that without fundamental attention to the historical and political bases for domination and violent control of women by men, the work selected by BIPs will achieve little, at best BIPs that focus on groups with court-mandated batterers will have marginal impact on the culture of misogyny and the woman abuse it engenders.