Published: October, 2018| BWJP

These are the training materials for Veterans and Domestic Violence: Improving Safety, Accountability, and Intervention. This link is the only way to access the materials. Otherwise, they are not searchable on the web. They will be available for one month.

  1. Domestic Violence, Intimate Partner Violence, and Risk
  2. Domestic Violence Courts
  3. Veterans Treatment Courts
  4. Victims and Advocacy Services
  5. Screening, Assessment, and Eligibility
  6. Service-Related Co-Occurring Conditions and Domestic Violence
  7. Firearms and Domestic Violence-Related Prohibitions
  8. Supervision of Domestic Violence Offenders
  9. Offender Intervention Programs
  10. ​Change Step
  11. Strength at Home
  12. The Veterans Justice Outreach 
  13. VA IPV Assistance Program
  14. 2014 VTC Inventory Fact Sheet February 2016
  15. Breaking Barriers