Published: October, 2010| Jennifer Levy-Peck, Edited by Stephanie Avalon

The Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs ( WCSAP ) developed an array of resources on Intimate Partner Sexual Violence (IPSV).

Because many IPSV survivors feel out of place in either domestic violence or sexual assault support groups, WCSAP created an IPSV Support Group Guide with a full curriculum for a psychoeducational support group. A Train-The-Trainer Kit is available at the WCSAP website, along with a mini-poster and bookmark that an agency may download for printing. Brochures on IPSV and stalking logs are excellent client resources. A publication on IPSV with articles from leading advocates, attorneys, and law enforcement sources gives a broad overview of the topic. For more information, contact Jennifer Y. Levy-Peck at .

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