BWJP can provide assistance in developing customized trainings, facilitating meetings, and locating experts or trainers to meet the specific needs of your community.

Training content can be developed and topics can be integrated to meet your specific training needs and can vary in length from several hours to two days. BWJP has expertise in the following areas:

Problem-solving and strategizing

Coordination, collaboration and identification of “best practices” are challenges often faced by communities while implementing their CCR project. BWJP staff have extensive experience assisting communities with these issues. We will assist with assessing problems and strategizing solutions. If we don’t have the specific expertise on staff, we’ll identify other resources or experts who can address your needs.

Consultation on trainers/trainings

Communities often contact us for suggestions on trainers for particular topics or for assistance in designing training agendas. BWJP has a large network of consultants, multi-disciplinary subject matter experts, and national Technical Assistance providers that we can help you connect with. All BWJP staff have completed training on adult learning styles and curriculum development.

Connecting to peers and identified “Best Practice” sites

BWJP staff can identify and connect you with your peers around the country that are implementing similar projects in jurisdictions like their own.

Customized Technical Assistance Also Available for Purchase

Communities often desire to organize trainings on site in order to reach a larger number of local personnel, such as a law enforcement training that can be delivered to several shifts of officers, or probation training for all officers in a special DV supervision unit. Local trainings can be a great way to generate energy and change in your local area, as well as save money for your participants. BWJP staff will work with you to design and conduct a training event on site that meets the specific needs of your community.

Some examples of past customized trainings:
  • Enhancing the Effectiveness of your Coordinated Community Response
  • Coordinating Civilian/Military Responses to DV/SA
  • Law Enforcement Response to DV/SA
  • CCR Accountability Strategies
  • Systems Change Advocacy
  • Integrating Risk Assessment into your CCR
  • Developing MOUs with CCR Partners
  • Innovations in Probation Supervision of DV Cases
  • Improving Investigation and Prosecution of DV Strangulation Cases

Requests for customized trainings should be made as early in the planning process as possible to ensure that BWJP staff or any outside trainers who are appropriate for the event are available on the desired dates and that there is adequate time to prepare the agenda and training materials. If needed, BWJP’s Meeting Planner can also assist with hotel procurement, contracts, and on site logistics at no cost. We look forward to working with you!