Registration is now open for  Bridging Differences: Advocating for Survivors from Underserved Communities, November 1-3, 2017, Savannah, Georgia.

Location: Savannah, GA

This two-and-a-half-day conference will bring together ICJR grantees, along with advocates, to assess how they can advocate for marginalized survivors while taking into consideration the realities of the survivors’ lives. Working with long-time practitioners, researchers and BWJP staff, advocates will: 1) describe the context of abuse experienced by marginalized victims; 2) articulate how contemporary attitudes impact communities; 3) evaluate the implications of operating in a culture of disbelief where race and gender tips the scale, and 4) better assist victims to find optimal solutions and develop plans that lessen harm.

As a result of this conference, you will be better able to:

  • Engage with survivors from some marginalized communities and evaluate options,
  • Examine how women’s stories are heard and how credibility issues affect survivors in all systems,
  • Describe the impact of arrest on survivor credibility and how it further marginalizes survivors from underserved communities,
  • Explore the effect of mental health and substance abuse coercion and how it intersects with race, class, and gender,
  • Discuss the rates of sexual assault in Indian Country, the current barriers to adequate prosecution of these crimes, and strategies for working with these survivors,
  • Recognize sexual abuse among LGBTQ survivors and recommend approaches to working with them,
  • Address distrust of the criminal and civil legal system and its impact on advocacy,
  • Determine how woman directed advocacy adapts to the needs of survivors from underserved or marginalized communities.

Target Audience:

  • Advocates working in law enforcement, prosecutor offices, or similar places.
  • Advocates in other legal systems
  • Advocates working in non-profit advocacy programs.


The registration cut-off date has been extended!

This is open to Rural and STOP grantees. Rural grantees, please use 2010-WEAX-1933 to register. STOP grantees, please use 2011-WEAX-4352 to register.

OVW ICJR Grantees (formerly ARREST or GTEAP): use your OVW-issued grant number to register for this training. There are no registration fees.

All OTHER OVW Grant Recipients: please check with your OVW Grant Manager. Upon OVW approval to use your grant funds to cover your expenses, contact Jeanne Larson at and she will inform you how to proceed with registration.

QUESTIONS: For questions related to the content of the conference, please contact Sujata Warrierat BWJP: 612-824-8768, ext 116;

For questions related to conference logistics, please contact Jeanne Larson at BWJP: 612-824-8768, ext 101;

Room rate is the updated 2017-2018 government per diem rate of $11​7.00 per night, plus 13.00% room tax ($1​32.​21) and then an additional $6.00 occupancy fee, per night (total of $13​8.21 per night), and the room block is in the conference hotel. The conference hotel is the Hyatt Regency Savannah located at 2 West Bay Street.  Your registration confirmation will include instructions and deadlines for making hotel reservations. 


You will receive a confirmation upon completion of your registration to the email address you submit on your registration form. If you do NOT receive this confirmation, please check your spam/junk/Clutter files first and if the confirmation is not there, please contact Jeanne Larson. Thank you!

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