For Supervision Officers of Intimate Partner Violence

Domestic Violence (DV) offenders who strangle, stalk, or use firearms to intimidate, threaten, or assault their victims are among the most dangerous offenders on any probation agent’s case load. Supervision of these offenders is challenging, yet it presents opportunities to increase victim safety. When the severity, dangerousness, and impact of these crimes are acknowledged by the court and by probation, both the offender and the victim are sent a strong message: this will not be tolerated by the criminal legal system or by the community. Participants will have the opportunity to work with experienced probation agents from around the county and other national DV experts to explore promising practices of local communities working to address these offenders. You will gain hands-on skills and the knowledge to build better practices and policies to implement in your community.

Featured Speakers

Dr. Andrew Klein, a distinguished researcher in probation supervision, will share his research and what it reveals about effectively supervising high-risk offenders. Gael Strack, a national experts on strangulation, will introduce participants to a study of 300 non-fatal strangulation cases and will discuss the implications for risk of homicide. Supervision of offenders who strangle their victims will also be considered. Professor TK Logan brings expertise in stalking and the risks posed by these offenders. She will share her tool, Stalking and Harassment Assessment and Risk Profile (SHARP), as an opportunity to increase the success of supervision. Former probation officer and BWJP staff member James Henderson will provide an overview of innovative practices which can increase both offender and victim engagement with probation. Wayne S. McKenzie will present a primer on cultural competency and implicit bias. Several progressive probation officers and managers will discuss assessment, and policies that are working in their communities.

Conference Goals

After attending this conference, pre-trial and probation officers will better:

  • Incorporate effective principles of continuing victim engagement as a means to improve victim safety and offender accountability;
  • Integrate risk assessment strategies and protocols to better inform the supervision of offenders, while recognizing potential issues of bias and disparate impact;
  • Recognize and address the heightened risks posed by the most dangerous offenders, specifically offenders who commit stalking, strangulation or use firearms; and
  • Refine their use of assessment tools and tailor effective messages to offenders that accurately reflect the severity and danger posed by this group of offenders.


NOTE: At this point in time, this conference is only open to individuals supervising offenders of Intimate Partner Violence. For all other interested system players, please send an email to Jeanne Larson at and you'll be placed on a wait list.

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There is no registration fee to attend this training. Participants are responsible for their own airfare, meals and lodging. Room rate is the 2017-2018 government per diem rate of $167.00 per night, plus 12.5% room tax ($187.88) per night, and the room block is in the conference hotel. The conference hotel is the Omni San Diego at 675 L Street.  Your registration confirmation will include instructions and deadlines for making hotel reservations. Please make your hotel reservations at the Omni San Diego so we can honor our room block there.


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